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A unique guarantee that protects you if latent defects are discovered

You buy a property?
Find out how to do it safely

Are you selling your property ? 
Find out how to do it safely

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Real estate transactions protected against latent defects

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Up to $40,000

in financial protection

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Comprehensive support


Sell with total peace of mind

Offer your buyers financial protection up to $40,000 over a three-year period while limiting your liability in the event latent defects are discovered.


  • Limits the seller's financial liability to $5,000 in case of a claim higher than that amount 

  • Helps attract more potential buyers

  • Helps make a sale for the right price by adding protection

  • Allows you to benefit from a comprehensive conciliation service by experts

  • Eliminates the stress related to possible lawsuits for latent defects

The key solution to latent defects

With the Integri-T guarantee, in the event latent defects are found, you’ll get financial protection up to $40,000 and a comprehensive support service for a three-year period following the transaction.

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Buy with complete confidence

Get financial protection up to $40,000 over a three-year period in the event latent defects are discovered.

  • Allows you to benefit from a comprehensive conciliation service by experts

  • Allows for corrective work to be done more quickly

  • Significantly reduces stress of financial losses


It's very simple :  We take care of everything!

Whether you're a seller or buyer, you will benefit from complete support service, and our experts will handle the file in case of a daim.

  • No legal fees to pay

  • Avoid going to court

  • Ensure fast and simple management in case of claims

  • Reduce administrative paperwork and tedious procedures

  • Facilitate relations between buyers and sellers



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The Integri-T team

Sell at the right price with Integri-T

" I considered selling without legal warranty, but I quickly realized that selling with Integri-T was more advantageous because I could sell at a fair price while offering security to my buyers. "


Learn more about latent defects

Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ve got practical advice, tips and other handy information to help you get your head around latent defects.


Latent Defects:

What Are They Exactly?

Article 4_ACQ_MaisonCarton_1080X1080_FB.

Latent Defects:

Test Your Knowledge

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Latent Defects:

5 Common Examples


RE/MAX Québec has partnered with the Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) to offer the lntegri-T guarantee program. lts ACQ Residential division has administered guarantee plans for over 25 years. ACQ Résidentiel specializes in quality contrai for buildings, risk management and conciliation.

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